P R O D U C T    D E V E L O P M E N T

W E B    D E S I G N

R E T A I L   D E S I G N

I D E N T I T Y    B R A N D I N G

P R O D U C T    D E S I G N

P R O D U C T    D E V E L O P M E N T

has earned its highly respected reputation by creating beautiful digital experiences for clients such as IBM, Barnes & Noble, Google, RedHat, Samsung, and Microsoft.”
– Gizmodo

“They are a fabulously talented group of Designers and an absolute joy to work with.”
Don Butters, Marketing Dir, IBM.

“The tremendous success of the NOOK brand is largely the result of their Magical Craft.”
William Lynch, CEO, Barnes & Noble, Inc. 2014

“Farago is highly respected here at Barnes & Noble. 
He has for over 30 years contributed to our success in a most meaningful way”
Michael P. Huseby, CEO, Barnes & Noble, Inc.

“They are creative, meticulous, and visionary. Their magnificent work for Barnes & Noble has spanned three decades.”
Mitchell S. Klipper, CEO, Barnes & Noble Retail Group


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